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Being only one child of parents from Artvin, I was born in Iskenderun. We moved to İzmir and I studied in Bornova Anatolian High School in a joy. After high-school, I passed the university exam and went to Istanbul Technical University, Electrical- Electronical Engineering department, so I came to Istanbul. Since the first days of university life, I have never forgotton the play ‘Rotten Apple’ which I acted at secondary school with my classmates and I have never given up theatre and roleplaying. Eventually, this journey continued in Yeditepe University, Theatre Department.

Professionally, I started my career in state theatre with the play called ‘Kaygusuz Abdal’ and then worked in state and private theatres. While studying in Yeditepe University, when I was at forth grade, I took role in the film called ‘Melegin Dususu (Falling of an Angel)’, which was my first stage experience. A year after graduating from university, first I acted in tv series called ‘Aynalar’ (Mirrors) and then another tv series ‘Beyaz Gelincik’ (White Veasel) which started my real tv experience.

Since the first day of my actress training, I tried to understand the life and people around me and to share everything that I got. I hope that from now on, I will go on doing my precious job by sharing and wondering.

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Photo: Erbil Balta - Vogue Magazine