Interview of Ugur Vardan with Tulin Ozen : “They love me because I am suffering and crying.”

Being in love with acting while studying electric- electronical engineering in ITU, Tulin Ozen is one of the most influential and new face of our cinema. Starting her cinema career with a film by Semih Kaplanoglu, Tulin Ozen is going on with new released film “Pek Yakinda” by Cem Yilmaz. In the role of a wife could fight a circle saw to win Cem Yilmaz’s heart again in the film, Tulin Ozen is the guest of Ugur Vardan from Hurriyet.

- First the film “Pek Yakinda”. How was the filming?
- Well, it took eight weeks, we worked so hard. Normally, filming takes four weeks. With a good crew, I worked with professionals of design, costume, posture; I mean everybody was master of their domain.

- Let’s come to the crucial spot! Are there any difference between your previous Cem Yilmaz perception and the one now?
- I haven’t had a perception about him before, but now I see that he has no ego. I sometimes met directors who cannot overcome their ego at the first film. However Cem Yilmaz is unsophisticated, loves sharing his emotions and doesn’t capitulate anybody in his life. He shares his sadness and happiness and makes us feel these. Of course it is very good to film in this atmosphere, which makes me feel lucky.

- Are there any other special notes from the set?
- I think it was a intensive tempo set, we worked a lot sweating blood. On my own behalf the most enjoyable part of our film set was that we wrote fantastic stories with Ataberk, my son in the film, and Aysen Gruda by choosing mythological or super heroes during the breaks. Or the songs toasting our tempo up, but I would never listen again in my life. However, I would like to see Caglar with these songs again, no doubt! Also, there is a challenge in VIP car with Hare and Metin, which may be a story of a short film for me.

- Let’s go on with your own story. You decided to be an actress while studying engineering in ITU. What is the background story of this transfer?
- Well, science lessons are very easy for me and I chose this department, but during my education years, I was into theatre, music and dance. Although I love my department, when the time passed, I felt as an alien to the subjects such as integral. Then, at third grade, I chose to study acting.

- So, don’t you have a role model for your department like on chemistry, Madam Curie?
- No need to go away, my mum is electronical, my dad is machine and my brother is industrial engineer. While changing my mind, I thought about them a lot because they all know engineering well. They think that if I have a problem in the future, they can solve my problems, but when I become an actress, they had fear because they do not have any opinion about this sector. The time I got my first prize, I had given the message to my mother that I am also good at acting.

- What do you have in your hand after leaving engineering department? Can you fix broken things at home?
- Of course, I immediately have a bash. At school, my instructor Engin Uludag used to make me repair things from a basic one to the most sophisticated ones.

- With your first important project “Melegin Dususu” (Falling of an Angel), you had the best actress prize. Did you feel like it was a piece of cake?
- Never. I was really shocked, I was at the beginning of this journey and very excited. They called me from Antalya. They warned me saying “If you are being called, it means that you are having your prize.”, but I thought that they are calling by courtesy. I had my rehearsals, got my green light, went and wore my dress which I had at the eliminations on me. Then, I went on my rehearsals where I left.

- After Melegin Dususu, chronologically, your characters in the films “Beyaz Gelincik” and “Meryemce” become well known by the popular culture.
- Yes, I was acting in State Theatre at those times. I joined in the elections, took my role but nobody knows that I had a prize from Antalya.

- Let’s go on with the series. What do you think about being known via the series instead of cinema?
- Of course, I wish people had known me with my performance in cinema. But it is not saddening. Furthermore, I am not in the position of stressing that I succeeded this in theatre, did this and this. This is saddening for Turkey, but nobody knows the artists or musicians well. Perhaps, it is our problem. I am not a smart aleck type person. Perhaps, the thing I want is to share the thing that I know and value them. When the point comes to being loved because of being on screen; they love me because I cry and suffer a lot in the movies. I do not believe that they love me because of my performance. As if it is for making them cry…

- Now, let’s talk about “Pek Yakinda”, one of your past film. As in the distinction between series and cinema, cinema sector divides into two: minimalist cinema and popular one. More precisely, the situation is that people are creating atmosphere as if it is so because in this country, popular cinema has an independent character.
- Yes, because there is not a specific sector, I do not know where the distinction starts. Let’s say in America it is precise that there are specific categories and actors/actresses in this part. In our country, we do not have such a system. I worked with Semih Kaplanoglu, Erden Kiral and now Cem Yilmaz. All of them are very special and the ones talking on cinema all the time. I haven’t talked to any of them about the proceeds of the films. With Cem, we sat in front of the monitor and we discussed about the film. We didn’t feel lack of something, on the stage we spent the necessary amount that should be spent.

- Is it the same for Kaplanoglu or Kiral cinema? Do they tell the stories according to their budget?
- Yes, but we didn’t feel hardship. What necessary was spent for those scenes.

- How was your relation with cinema before acting?
- Not that much interested. I remember sleeping while watching some films, but now I am watching whatever I find and pondering on the language of cinema. I like realizing my dream and creating a special and different world. Furthermore, a lot of people come together to realize a director’s dream and they are trying to actualize it, which pulls me in this cinema sector.


- What is your opinion on our cinema’s terms and conditions?
- Based on the latest film that I’ve watched, I can say that their stories or styles are not courageous. Gezi had created a great opportunity for this; a lot of people ran after projects requiring more audaciousness rather than stereotype ones. But we still couldn’t see the results of this and not sure whether we could see in the future because as time goes by, anxiety of life such as earning money, maintaining living or sustaining the works has cut in. I mean courage didn’t show itself.

- Well, are you thinking of filming?
- No, at least, not for now.


- People are talking about your passion of football. What do you want to say on it?
- Well, my mother is a big fan of Besiktas. Namely, we would interrupt our mother and say “Mom, I think dad is talking about us.” when our father asked on the phone “How are the children?” and got the answer “Well, they aren’t so good. They were beaten up again.”. So, football is the heritage from my mother.

- Your happiest moments as a fan?
- If you are a Besiktas fan, you have few happy moments. Let’s say championships…