Everybody will talk about her after watching the film “Pek Yakinda” (Very Soon). Come listen to the story of Tulin Ozen, the the leading actor of new release film by Cem Yilmaz, from Yekta Kopan. (Photographer: Erbil Balta- Vogue)

Tulin Ozen is courage

Everybody remembers the unforgettable opening scene of the film “Sut” (Milk) which is written by Semih Kaplanoglu. In this one long take shoot, a woman hung from her feet to a tree took a snake out of her mouth. This woman is Tulin Ozen. Like in that opening, this scene has a story that can put its stamp into history. Having tried fake snakes at first for this scene, the director and everybody felt disturbed. Kaplanoglu even has thought of cancelling this scene. However, pointing to the water snakes in the set, Tulin says “I can put one of them into my mouth.”, which changes the situation. How can we read Tulin’s decision? Is it passion of cinema, determination or courage? Of course, all of them! But holding the snake in a mouth isn’t courage. Isn’t her thinking of alternatives for not cancelling the scene enough? Tulin Ozen is courage

Tulin Ozen is a wind vane

Tulin Ozen is the daughter of a family from Artvin. Who knows, winds are very strong there, her hometown. It leads people to the green area of the place which is tough. In this area, people know each tree by its name. Tulin Ozen was born in Iskenderun where the people leave their souls to the warm of winds. Also, it is the geography of free souls collecting all the languages, religious that they know in one body without defeating the stereotype of bridging from culture to culture. Its wind smells like a human. Ozen graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School. Izmir’s wind breezes from the sea and each breath is salty.

That a few moment becomes for me a sincere friendship. Just in case, however contrary to your best friend, your all quarrel goes away after drinking a cup of tea with your best friend… It is like this. On that day, I decide: Tulin Ozen is a strong tea.

For someone from Izmir, freedom isn’t something that can be learned. It can be felt in that person’s cells. A student not only in Yeditepe University but also in Istanbul Technical University, Tulin Ozen knows both southeaster and northeaster and carries the winds of all geography in which she lives in her hair. Running, flying and blending in clouds, Tulin Ozen is a wind vane.

Tulin Ozen is strong tea

My meeting Tulin Ozen is a personal story at those times when I was a tv programmer: Erden Kiral, Nurgul Yesilcay and Tulin Ozen are the guests of my TV programme. We talk about the film. I am excited in front of each guest, and it is not that different, but a bit higher than usual. It is the first time that we will meet Tulin Ozen whose acting affects me a lot. While chatting before the programme, she says “I used to read the magazine Hayalet Gemi (Ghost Ship) with zest.”. It is milestone of my life as a writer. Until that day, no guest mentions about that magazine, shares this excitement with me and makes me feel that much precious. I do not know where to put my hands and feet on that moment and have nothing to say. My excited mood goes on. First unnecessary question comes from my mouth: “How do you feel if you’re chosen as the best actress in the festival?” Thinking for a while, Tulin answers: “I have already had that award with Melegin Dususu (Falling of an Angel).” I blush. While she approaches me in a polite and interested way, I am in the position of a programme speaker not knowing her award. Sometimes blushing does not save that moment, it is that moment. She shifts the topic without talking too much on it. After the TV programme, I think for a long time about that moment when Tulin thinks for a while to answer the question. Her looks tell something: on one hand she doesn’t want to make me upset and on the other hand she wants to protect her award, which is the most correct one. On that a few minutes build a strong friendship between me and Tulin. Just in case, however contrary to your best friend, your all quarrel goes away after drinking a cup of tea with your best friend… It is like this. On that day, I decide: Tulin Ozen is a strong tea.

Tulin Ozen is rebellion

I am not talking about her weighing the world she lives in on humanity scale, which is inescapable. Tulin Ozen is a figure of all society. She does it for not being scare of facing.Not for being only an actress, but as a humanbeing. She knows the language of street and people in the society, which doesn’t require to be highlighted. However, it should be highlighted that she is able to do her job in the world where visibility, shining and eminence are praised that much. The rebel vein of art should be searched there. The heroine of not replicas that are known by heart, but the silences that are internalized, Tulin Ozen is rebellion.

Tulin Ozen is a tree

Once upon a time, when I watched Macide Tanir in a play called Agaclar Ayakta Olur, I thought that each actress in this world is a tree. Knowing how to resist against time, being a part of nature and trees that cannot be demolished even by villains. Alone. Free even its roots are under the earth. Determined. Some of them plane tree, some are larch. Some of them are cypress, some of them are olive tree. Dispersed along all the world. Leaving the department of engineering, Tulin Ozen is one of them. The years at state theatres, the days sweating not only at the backstage, but also on stage. And unforgettable and unique light at the play Guzel Seyler Bizim Tarafta from Berkun Oya. In the world where everybody runs after fame not worthing for a hood,

Tulin Ozen is left outside

Sit crooked but talk straight: Talking Tulin on football, do not think that you’ve had a chat on football. ‘Hey, while talking about Tulin Ozen, what is the point of football, you crazy!’, you may say, but kindly remember that she is the one running on the left side of the pitch. We need the ones sweating their football uniforms and the ones commiserating the guy collecting balls. When this is the case, Tulin Ozen is the left outside.

Tulin Ozen is autumn

These photos are taken in Karakoy. On one of the days when the city is not so determined to farewell to autumn. If for a moment had Istanbul got out of the crowds of car playing leapfrog as transmigrators, if so and had a look at Tulin, would it have opened its gates wide to the autumn on that day. If you do not know, hear it from me dear Istanbul; Tulin Ozen is the autumn!

Tulin Ozen is laughter

I confess provided that it remains hidden people watching those lines Tulin Ozen is one of the most funniest you have ever met. Not believing so, watch the latest film of Cem Yilmaz. You will learn very soon that you do not have to be airheaded to be funny. Ladies and gentlemen, sense of humour is all about intelligence. So, wholeheartedly I can utter the sentence, Tulin Ozen is laughter.

Tulin Ozen is love

Stop reading this! Keep your eyes away from the lines written trying to talk about a tree, a wind vane, a glass of strong tea. Stay away from the tyranny of the words trying to enclose the emotions. Say ‘Stop!’ to the sentences being in desperate straits in the presence of the faces of benignant people. Look at the photos. Look into Tulin Ozen’s eyes again, again and again. Then only then you’ll realize that you’re murmuring this: Tulin Ozen is love.