"The One Cries A Lot Wins For Sure"

For the first time we saw her on screen, in the series Beyaz Gelincik (White Veasel), Mehmet Gunsur taking her out of the night club as Meryemce and we loved her a lot. But she were deemed worthy for the best actress award in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival because of her acting in Melegin Dususu (Falling of an Angel). With shining in her beautiful and blue eyes and her acting, Tulin Ozen hasn’t stopped since that day. Not liking interviewing and talking about herself, Tulin Ozen broke her rules for Saturday Post.

Interviewer: Cagnur Hatipoglu

- I know that you do not like interviewing and talking about yourself, so I feel lucky.
- I feel bored and you cannot imagine it. It is hard to tell yourself.

- Then, I will ask you the questions that you may know. Your new cinema film “Carnaval” is new-released now. Is it comedy?
- Funny in some parts. There will be some scenes where we will laugh at Alis and make fun of her, but in general, the film isn’t comedy. To me, it is a film having a message.

- Is Alis a man restricted between his dreams and his obligations?
- Yes. On one hand there are truths of his family and on the other hand his dreams. I am in the role of Demet, who is aggressive because she has to overcome everything and cannot go anywhere because of her sick father.

- What did you like while in the role of Demet?
- In fact, we are all special, but I cannot relate me with her. I didn’t act feeling that we are the same, it is not hard to understand her but to act her.

Now I am being listened.

- Are there new projects?
- I am excited for this new released film. There is no specific project. My series called “Aldirma Gonul” has just finished, I am resting. I am fallowing.

- What do you want to do in the future?
- Nothing for now.

- Will be any theatre?
- I had a theatre. I went to State Theatre three seasons and it finished.

- I am surprised to see you in sitcom “Aldirma Gonul” because it is as if comedy is far from you.
- I liked sitcom. Two years ago, I acted in “Uskudar’a Gider iken”.

- I don’t know why but we know you not from this series, but with Meryemce character, from Beyaz Gelincik (White Veasel) filmed in Adana.
- It was my first and the series went on two seasons. What is more, Meryemce was constantly crying, so she was loved. If you are in a dram, you win by crying. Drama rules.

- Is there any milestone or role model of your acting?
- I liked acting with a play at secondary school. There was a trainer called Tarkan Koroglu, and I was in this group. He is the one making me love theatre. Still I love acting with my beloved ones.

If there is someone that I do not like, I leave…

How comes? Do you decide according to the names of the project? If there is someone that you do not like, do you leave?
- There is nobody that I do not love, but if so, I would reject. If there are actors/actresses that I cannot do something together, I will deny acting more. I never say yes easily to every offer, which is the characteristic of an actress.

- What do you think about the ones saying yes immediately? Are they thinking of money?
- Perhaps because people say what is next after the project. Yes, you have the fear of being forgotten but it is not good to start a new project right after you finish one. You should organize your life according to your wishes. I can understand this rush, but not everybody will do this.

- Cinema, television or theatre?
- All of them are good. Because of its language, television is far from me, but I am acting from the same point.

- You took part in two projects with Olgun Simsek. I think you are in a good harmony.
- I really love that I had taken part in the same projects with him. I do not know about the harmony, but he is a great actor. I wish he could act in the films constantly and there were a film that he could be in. If he doesn’t take part in more cinema films, it will be a loss for us because he has lots of characters in him and he is very special.

- What do you think about marriage?
- It is not necessary only for me to think about it, someone should also think of it. (laughing)

- Is there any candidate?
- Of course I will not answer this question.

I am in Artvin every summer

- Did you go on a holiday?
- No, I couldn’t. I am stressing this. (laughing)

- I know that you are from Artvin. Do you go there when you have the chance or dream of going there?
- My grandmother is there. I try to go there every summer. By the way, I was born in Iskenderun, grew up in Izmir and in 1997 came to Istanbul. I am used to Istanbul and sitting in the heart of Istanbul, Tunel.

- In the daytime you spend your time with art and at night
- As far as possible I try to join in daytime activities, and I do not like going out at night, it is very rare.

(Excerpted from Saturday Post, on 28.09.2013)