"It Is Necessary To Spend Time On Enjoyable Marriage"

Her new film “Carnaval” will be released on 27th of September, Tulin Ozen said “Nobody has asked me out, yet.” after hearing that Eksi Sozluk writers would like to marry her. “I want a marriage full of joy. I guess I hadn’t seen one. It is possible to see an enjoyable marriage, but it is necessary to spend time on enjoyable marriage.

Tulin Ozen is acting with Serdar Orcin in young director Can Kilcioglu’s first film “Carnaval” which will be released on 27th of September. She is very relax while talking about the films she acted, directors she worked with, the sector she is working in and her latest film “Carnaval”. She doesn’t like telling about herself. As she said, she likes listening and be a relax, natural and peaceful young woman. She is a questioner and surprising the other most of the time, but she is not “a killjoy”, not at all.

Asu Maro talked with her for the September release of Milliyet Art Magazine.

- In EksiSozluk portal, you are said to be the representative of woman intelligence is more effective than the triple of lipstick, décolleté and high-heeled.
- Really? I haven’t seen it, yet. If I add that triple, I think I am OK.

- People think you’re very beautiful all the time. You are said to be the woman that EksiSozluk writers would like to marry.
- None of them asked me out so far. It is a big question mark my being the marrying kind.

“It is the story of a journey.”

- But a woman whom EksiSozluk writers would marry…
- Yes, right. It means that I still have an amusing part.

- Which one do you prefer?
- I want both of them, I want a marriage full of joy.

- Is there anything called enjoyable marriage?
- I haven’t seen one, yet. However, there are very rare and special marriages. There may be enjoyable marriages, but I think we need to spend extra time. I guess it is needed to try all the time, be in dialogue, aim at happiness.

Do you know Can Kilcioglu, the director of “Carnaval” before? How did you start to work together?
- I know the sister of the director. Doga Kilcioglu, the producer of the film. We met Doga in the film, Sut (Milk).

- How comes that you joined in this film? What affected you in this story?
- The scenario was a bit more different than the others. It was less gloomy and more full of hope. It is kind of journey story. Can is a sweet man, excited, hopeful and asked to film such a scenario.

- Why did he want to tell the story of Alis, one of the characters of film?
- They may have some in common, but I do not think so; there may be one or two moments from his life. But, in general, it is common to see such a man at his 30s but hasn’t set his life, yet. He has questions in his mind whether he is still a teenage or become a man. I think the woman in the film has something common.

“I am from Artvin, stubborn and love overcoming difficulties.”

- Did you ask yourself the question of “What did I do for myself so far?”
- Yes, I did and sometimes I do. But something happens and you feel you succeed and it postpones. The life goes so, I guess.

- Your all family is engineer. Your journey starts with being an electronical engineer.
- Well, I think when I inquire it, the most clear-cut answer is my decision for studying acting is the best for me.

- Was your first film “Melegin Dususu” (Falling of an Angel) very difficult?
- It was very hard. I knew nothing there; camera, light, moving in front of the camera. The director is very nitpicky and even asking “Why did you raise your eyebrow that much?” and you feel as if you laugh where you are supposed to cry.

- Let’s say there is a director that you love but will force you a lot in the film set. Would you work with him?
- I would. I am from Artvin, stubborn and love overcoming difficulties.

“I am not cool, it is my being killjoy.”

- Who discovered your comedy side?
- Erdal Tosun. He said me that I would act in the film Uskudar’a Gider iken, which is my first comedy film.

- With the award Golden Orange after Melegin Dususu (Falling of an Angel), does it change your life a lot?
- I wasn’t so aware of that for me there wasn’t something like Antalya while filming it. Then, I went back my school. I was in a rehearsal at the state theatre. They said that the film is candidate for Golden Orange. Well, I thought that they wouldn’t let me go there, in fact they would and I am so not aware of the importance of it. Later on they asked me to go there and I said I wouldn’t be able to join. Thereupon they revealed to give me the award. I quitted the rehearsal with my dress in my rucksack and came back with my dress and my award in it. I quarreled with the photographers. Olgun is next to me and all the photographers asked me to kiss the award and I refused and asked why I should kiss. This time they asked whether I am not happy. To be happy is only one way, I think and hug & kiss the award.

- Of course you’re being cool, there…
- Because I am killjoy.

- You think so?
- If somebody asks me a question and I had difficulty in answering, I am scared that whether I compelled that person.

If these are the circumstances, there is no good series.

- Now you are in a sitcom, “Aldirma Gonul”. Does it make you relax in time?
- Yes, it is my first time to be that much relax.

- Was sitcom something you chose specially?
- No, I do not think that it should be sitcom and will free my four days in a week. So far, I haven’t had any problem with the time that I am spending with my beloved. I am not in a film project because of money or time. I am looking for something different, somehow I choose a project and choose production company. I love the people working with me.

- The length of series are so much that the crew are revolting at…
- Of course, in 90 minutes, how great comedy can you make? Under these circumstances, is everybody trying to do their best, but it is impossible. I was thinking of not a well-done series. Not for now, but when these conditions get better.

You can read the whole interview on Milliyet Art Magazine in September.