"Golden Orange Is A Self-Destructive Award"

Tulin Ozen became famous with the film “Melegin Dususu (2009)” (Falling of an Angel- 2009) and chosen as the best actress. As Gonul, we watched her in the series ““Aldirma Gonul” of ATV Channel, Tulin Ozen talked everything about herself to Aktuel.

- Decided to study acting after engineering department in Istanbul Technical University, you left your major and went on studying in Yeditepe University Theatre. How did you decide this?
- My all family is engineer and science lessons are very easy for me because I like memorizing things. During your education years, you may not be able to decide which department to choose, especially if you’re in Turkey. Since my secondary school and high school years, I was into theatre. During my university years, I was in ITU studying engineering. During those times, I joined at the theatre club, too. Then, I totally want to be an actress.

- Did you have difficulties in your this decision?
- Yes, I did because I had to talk about this change with my family. It is not precise what you will be.

- Isn’t there any actor or actress in your family?
- Except for my cousins, there weren’t anybody as an actor/ actress. When I first said I would be an actress, they were surprised because I didn’t use to imitate, sing songs. I was incommunicative when I was a child.

- Your ancestors rooted in Artvin?
- Yes, I didn’t live there but I go there frequently.

- Which of your features comes from that environment?
- My movements! I move quickly and hasty. Apart from that my family has a good sense of humour. When you say Artvin, you do not think of Black Sea Region first, because it is located among mountains. My family has seen the sea for the first time at the age of eighteen. People play accordion and dance styles are different.

- When we have a look at you, it arouses the feeling that “There is a Tulin, inside of Tulin.”
- Normally Tulin is a little bit tight-lipped, but I need some time to knit up with people. It takes time to get rid of my role in the film.

I was a rebel child.

- Does your analytical mind affect this? Because generally actors or actresses are more extrovert and known for reflecting their emotions.
- It depends. Some people live their dual relationships analytically. I have some time, I got tired, be relax or talk nonsense.

- Were you a rebel child?
- Yes, you may say. There are some time that I give trouble.

- Were you a tomboy?
- In our family, we are all, yes. For years, women look after their children without their fathers, so we are strong at that side. Even I am the softest one.

- Do you have brothers or sisters?
- Yes, I have a six years younger brother.

A film should have a saying.

- We see that you’re seen in cinema projects rather than the series. Is this a conscious preference?
- Not at all. There are times that I refused some cinema projects.

- Alright, how did you choose the projects that you accepted?
- In general a film has a saying and according to it I choose it. I think the film having a saying is important. Except for this, I didn’t accept some of them because of time problem.

- It was your first work with Semih Kaplanoglu. Is it because you feel relaxed in the film set?
- Not a relax type, even I had difficulties in the set. It was my first time, but I know that he can create another world with his words. I also worked as assistant of stage management, but we do not get along well with him as actress and director.

I like action more.

- Are you a satisfactory person? You got the award of Golden Orange.
- Sometimes yes, but sometimes no… I mean they are not permanent. There are some moments that I feel really lucky. It is thought as something brilliant to have that award, but on the other hand there are many people not knowing that I had this award, which is self- destructive. Working in cinema or theatre satisfies you, but people may have problem to find the best.

- Do you speak not much?
- Yes. I like action more, but I think most of the time before action. In fact I am not a less speaking one.

- What are the moments that “I do not speak much.”
- After 10 o’clock, I spoil near my family. Of course they know everything about me. We are still playing games with my brother as you cannot imagine. A few years ago, we broke the glass of a window. My mum was obliged to say to the people out of the window that “Sorry, my children broke it.”

- Why did you choose “Aldirma Gonul”? You are acting as a daughter of a father who fired his house by accident and moved to his daughter’s home. How is your father in real life?
- He is very emotional and full of love. He is unique.

- What is the reason of your accepting this film series?
- I like Gonul’s being weird. In spite of setting the control, she sometimes lets some mess and knows how to pick up later on. I know the crew members lately and I love everybody. It is the reason why I said yes.

Neslihan Perker