"If You Have An Idea, You Should Say It Loudly"

One of the best actress in recent years, Tulin Ozen is going on being praised for her role in Erden Kiral’s film, Yuk. We met her and we started with the film and finished with Barcelona. Tulin Ozen has a weird charm. In spite of her potential of being one of the most eminent one with both her talent and beauty, it seems as if she doesn’t care. You may see her in her elegant red dress being praised on red carpet, or walking at Istiklal Street by you.

We met Tulin Ozen after the film Yuk, which she took part in lastly. We started with the film and went on acting, home town problems and finished with Barcelona.

- In one interview, you were criticizing an Erden Kiral film “Vicdan”. What was the reason of you to accept this project?
- Vicdan has another matter. I had questions and troubles for it. But I hadn’t had those while starting to “Yuk”. I had questions whether the scenario of the former takes longer than expected. But this film was good from the beginning. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that I will say yes whatever Erden Kiral says. This role is highly important for me.

- How was working with Erden Kiral?
- It is really something different. It is a film set in which mostly cinema is spoken. He has a convincing personality and he is a humanitarian. In Vicdan, these were hidden a little bit. After starting here, we started to have a talk together.

- Vicdan was about a story of two women and a man, but in this one the story is about a woman and two men. It sounds complementary to me. Do you agree?
- I think in the same way. No matter how it seems as a revenge film, it is all about being a man and woman. Weakness, search of power, fears… In Vicdan we watched the strength of a woman and women have a giant power when united.

- Does Zeynep, your character in Yuk, have things in common with this?
- Somewhere in the film, she says “I will not forget you, but I won’t miss you, though.”She knows how she will be seen in society and what will happen if she runs after her desires. In this sense, she is one of the strongest character in Vicdan and give an account of herself.

- You say Yuk is special for me. Why do you think so?
- Because of the character. Also, it was as important for me to work with Tansu (Bicer) and Nadir (Saribacak) as with Erden Kiral. I have known them for a long time. If you ask them, they will say the same about learning a lot in the film set. We said our mistakes, but normally in a film set it never happens. We did a kind of workship together. I think it isn’t visible nuanced acting owing to the structure of the film. But in the film it is not obvious because the film doesn’t have a linear flood.

- You have started with Melegin Dususu by Semih Kaplanoglu, and then you appeared in his large and small projects. Erden Kiral worked with you in his last two films. How is the feeling of demanded to be seen by the directors? How does it affect the ego of the actor?
- I think they are choosing me again and again because I do not have that kind of ego. I started with Semih Kaplanoglu, so I know his cinema. I understood this while I was his assistant. I could easily deduce what he was looking for or would like to see from his face. Both of them are very important directors, but finally they are the people that you can communicate with. I think I got it, so they come and ask for my opinion when they have an idea.

- When I came to the film set of “Bal”, you were the assistant of Semih Kaplanoglu. How is your enthusiasm behind the camera?
- It is not because that I’m thinking of setting a film. I do not have such an idea. I love all stages of cinema. If they put me on the chair of montage, I would do it with zest, too because I haven’t experienced it before. It is the only one that I have never seen. I can produce ideas there, and it makes me feel good.

- You look as if you had all the chances to be famous, but you refuse it all the time. On one hand, you’re a well known actress; on the other hand, you succeed to pass all the people at street without being recognized. How comes?
- I think it is all about the energy that I spread. I do not think that I am more interesting than the people on the street or I am not living as I am more well-cared than the others. Even some women are better than me in that they show themselves, but if you are an actress you should be interested in people, not their being interested in you. This is my rule. I want to be interested in people. I am spreading this energy, so there is no problem. It is not something like wearing eyeglasses on and hat for not being recognized. I wear whatever I want on that day.

- Some actors have the same charm. When you go to a university, everybody is there and it rocks, but two hours later when you’re in Istiklal Street, it is not the same.
- I know this.When I go somewhere people are all interested with me. They asked to be taken photo but it doesn’t take long. When I say “There is nothing, let’s hava a talk for a short time.”, everything cools down.

- Don’t you like earning ₺50,000 per film set?
- I would, of course. But when you earn ₺50.000, the others get less. If everybody is earning much, I would like to have that amount of money. But I wouldn’t refuse a producer giving ₺ 50.000, too. (laughing)

- You are also an activist. I think it doesn’t stem from only being actress.
- These are all not because of being actor / actress. I do not understand where the “Actor susceptibility” stem from. I do not understand people using this and forcing to convince themselves and doing something.

- I think it is all about conscience.
- Of course. It doesn’t matter how much we earn from each set. We are watching the same news on TV. You should have an idea for these. If you have an opinion, you should say it loudly and I am trying to do my best for this.

- Well, you decided to be an actress leaving the engineering department. Now, is it satisfying the distance between where you started and where you are at now?
- I think I am doing my best and learning things about my job. I am very happy while doing this, too. I am not filmin a lot of movies, but my goal was to be an actress and it is still the same.

How do you do this to Iniesta?!

- Is there any role that you wished for?
- Many! So, I do not have anything special in my mind.

- I wish I were Messie!
- So, do I! I haven’t watched Bayern Munich match, what did they just do Barcelona… But I rewatched the match again, they all kicked Barcelona…

- All in all, all the goals are so cheezy.
- That’s very bad. Barcelona became the victim of German Spring…

- In the second match, it is very hard to win…
- Very hard. Bayern coach said that he had a plan. These are German rules. Iniesta was horrible. When I watched the match, I said “How do you do this to Iniesta?” and felt pity for him. By the way, I went to Nou Camp for the match. You should have seen! How great they are! The love of spectators to Iniesta… It was all awesome! They are playing better than as seen on TV. Madly…

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